We at Mwembe and Mwembe Limited are a talented and experienced team, dedicated and committed to providing quality construction services to our client’s needs and helping them achieve their project objectives within the specified timeline and cost”


To become an efficient and reliable regional leader offering sustainable construction solutions in the built environment


Remodeling and delivery of quality, timely, safe, and cost-effective construction projects to augment investment value.


Quality Workmanship

We focus on Quality Workmanship. we only hire qualified and experienced personnel for all our projects with strict adherence to specifications

Benefit to Communities

We empower local communities through skill development and as a guiding principle, utilize local labor and materials whenever possible.

Innovative design

MML does not offer a one size fits all kind of service. We see each project as a unique “problem” requiring a unique solution.

flexible approach

This ensures the client achieves their target. Small or large, simple or complex, each project receives the same personal and professional level of attention.

One-on-One Contact

Our clients have one-on-one contact with the Directors and engineers who then respond to their priority needs for schedule, design, and budget.

Code of Conduct

We take pride in building quality projects and value for our customers, and rewarding careers for our employees.

NCA Registered Building and Civil Engineering Contractors Since 2012.